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White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are not only the most popular mushroom but are small to medium in size. The average size of button mushrooms is half an inch to 2 ½ inches in diameter and are attached to by their short stems. The tops, or caps, of these mushrooms are firm, round, and spongy to touch. Underneath these mushrooms are many small, light brown gills that are hidden within a thin white outer skin.  Remember that white stem is also edible, so no reason to throw it away, unless the recipe says so. Raw button mushrooms are mild in flavor but also have a crisp taste, and when cooked, they develop a very natural tender flavor.


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Bring your favorite cuisine to life by adding mushrooms! They add rich flavor to breakfast, lunch and dinner and along with significant nutritional benefits.Slice and sauté white button mushrooms to top a pizza, toss in pasta or wrap in a quesadilla. And the best part one cup is only 15 calories!

Combine earthy flavored and hearty-textured crimini mushrooms with poultry, fish or beef dishes. Marinate and grill a meaty portabella and serve on a bun fora great-tasting burger alternative. Round out the richness of a main dish or side with shiitakes on maitakes, which have a unique aroma and woodsy flavor. Check out our recipes to help you make your next meal!

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