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J-M Farms’ mission is to provide the safest, best quality and most competitively priced product to our customers while doing so at the most economical cost. 

Our History


J-M Farms was started in 1979 in Miami, Oklahoma. The original size of the farm was built to produce 2 million pounds of mushrooms a year. Today it produces 25 million.


Company officials picked the first mushrooms for sale on March 13, 1980, and made their first delivery the next day to Associated Wholesale Grocers, of Springfield.


When Virgil Jurgensmeyer, Joe Jurgensmeyer and Darrell McLain founded the company in Miami. The company began as J&M Farms, but was later changed to J-M Farms when the Jurgensmeyers purchased McLain’s interest in April 1982.


During the summer of 1983 expansion construction began which increased the farm’s growing capacity by 100%. Crossland Construction Co. built the new addition that currently contains the spawn run,setback rooms. The shipping cooler, truck shop and additions to the front office were also completed at this time.


In 1991, construction began on our third major expansion increasing capacity by yet another 50% Building expansions and changes in technology have allowed the farm to grow over 60,096 sq. ft from its original size and growing capacity.


JM Foods 30,000 sq. ft expansion at the foods building. Doubled JM's production space, and the other 20,000 sq. ft. expansion is the cooling and shipping dock.





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Bring your favorite cuisine to life by adding mushrooms! They add rich flavor to breakfast, lunch and dinner and along with significant nutritional benefits.Slice and sauté white button mushrooms to top a pizza, toss in pasta or wrap in a quesadilla. And the best part one cup is only 15 calories!

Combine earthy flavored and hearty-textured crimini mushrooms with poultry, fish or beef dishes. Marinate and grill a meaty portabella and serve on a bun fora great-tasting burger alternative. Round out the richness of a main dish or side with shiitakes on maitakes, which have a unique aroma and woodsy flavor. Check out our recipes to help you make your next meal!


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